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  1. The 2017 Australian Masters Squash Association Incorporated (AMSA) Individual Championships, are open to all competitors 35 years and over, who are current financial members of a registered Masters Squash Association in a State/Territory/Country.
  2. The Interstate Teams Series event is open to all Australian and overseas players provided they are aged 35 years and over, and are a current financial member of an Australian State/Territory Masters Squash Association.
  3. Competitors must have attained a minimum age of 35 years by Monday 04/09/2017 for the Individual Championships and by Monday 11/09/2017 for the Interstate Teams Series.
  4. Entries for the Individual Championships must be made on the official entry form and must be accompanied by the $70 entry fee to arrive at VMSA tournament control no later than 01/08/2017.
  5. Interstate Teams Series entry forms must be completed by State/Territory Associations and forwarded to the AMSA Secretary by 06/08/2017 and be accompanied by the $180 entry fee per team.
  6. All matches will be best of five games played to 9 points under the International Rules of the World Squash Federation.
  7. Dunlop Revelation Pro Balls XX [double yellow dot] will be used for all Divisions.
  8. All players will be required to report to the Tournament Control Desk at least 45 minutes before their match times.
  9. All players will be expected to be warmed up and ready for hit-up as soon as the previous match is completed.
  10. All players will be required to mark and referee the match as directed by the Tournament Control or Tournament Referee.
  11. Individual Championships entrants are required to nominate to enter either the Open or Graded Divisions. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to determine the number of Divisions in each age group and, in the interests of even competition, grade entries taking into account past results.
  12. All entries received will be processed and players will be notified of their receipt and grading. Players have until 14/08/2017 to request a change to their grading. Such a request will only be accepted in writing and evidence must be provided to support the request. The final Draw will be posted on the TOURNAMENT website no later than 30/08/2017. (www.vmasquash.com.au). Any notice of withdrawal and request for a refund must be made in writing received by the Tournament Director by 11/08/2017. No refunds will be made after this date.
  13. The Tournament Referee will be supported by Duty Referees from each State/Territory. Any disputes during the Individual Championships must be referred to the Tournament Referee or Duty Referee for the day.
  14. The Individual Championships will be conducted on a Triple Plate or Round Robin basis depending upon the number of entries per event. Every effort will be made to ensure that each entrant gets at least three matches.
  15. Forfeits will count as matches.
  16. Players may enter in only ONE INDIVIDUAL EVENT in their age group and enter in only 1 team.
  17. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept, decline or re-grade any entries or combine any events where insufficient entries are received.
  18. All entries received must be accompanied with full payment and a completed and signed Entry Form.
  19. No claims whatsoever will be recognised should any player receive an injury during the period of the Championships.
  20. A “NO SMOKING” policy will be strictly enforced within the Squash Centres.

The Victorian Masters Squash Association abides by the relevant National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 2001. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Much of the information on this form is sensitive information. Sensitive information will not be used for direct marketing purposes. The information on this form is used for providing us with the background as to your past and present medical detai ls. The types of organizations to whom we usually disclose this information will be health care providers including our sport trainers and sports first aiders but may also be viewed by coaches, directors and officials. We may also have to disclose it to our professional advisers and insurer. If you do not provide us with any or all of the personal information that we request, then you may not be able participate in our tournament. You can get more information about the way we manage your personal information by writing to the Secretary of the Victorian Masters Squash Association.

“The information contained in this resource is in the nature of general comment only, and neither purports nor is intended, to be advice on a particular matter. No reader should act on the basis of anything contained in this resource without seeking independent professional advice from appropriate persons. No responsibly or liability whatsoever can be accepted by the host Masters Squash Inc. or the author s for any loss, damages or injury that may arise from any person acting on any statement or information contained in this resource and all such liabilities are expressly disclaimed.”

Entry Form
Registrations close: Individual Championships – 01/08/2017, Interstate Teams Series – 06/08/2017

All Entries have now closed.
Please contact the Tournament Director, Helena Morgan on 0417 579 311 or email hjmorgan@bigpond.net.au with any queries.

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