Tournament Information

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Tournament Director: Michael Brown.
Tournament Referee: Individual Championships – Peter Wright. Interstate Teams Series – Darren O’Neill.

Player Registrations

Registrations close:
Individual Championships – 31/07/2018, Interstate Teams Series – 31/07/2018
Total registrations:
Individual Championships:
181 (
ACT: 8 NSW: 49 NT: 8 QLD: 46 SA: 4 TAS: 34 VIC: 17 WA: 12 Other: 3
Interstate Teams Series:
293 (
ACT: 36 NSW: 56 NT: 14 QLD: 49 SA: 27 TAS: 47 VIC: 34 WA: 30

Registrations by State. (Please note: This table does not include entrants that selected to not have their names published.)

Last Name First Name State Individual Division Teams
addison Mr chad ACT Yes
barrett Mr michael ACT Yes
bates Mr ron ACT Yes
bayley Mr mick ACT Yes
brownlee Mr alan ACT Yes
campbell Dr heather ACT Yes
chad Mr adam ACT Yes
de nardi Mr michael ACT Yes
foley Mr jim ACT Yes
forrest Mr john ACT 70-74 Yes
fry Mrs rhonda ACT Yes
fry Mr richard ACT Yes
garrett Mr greg ACT Yes
hancock Ms lynda ACT 60-64 Yes
hewitt Mrs donna hewitt ACT Yes
komorowski Mr george ACT Yes
martin Mr alan ACT Yes
martin Mrs judi ACT Yes
matthes Mr aaron ACT 50-54 Yes
maunder clare ACT 60-64 Yes
mckeown Mr shane ACT Yes
medway julie ACT Yes
mettam Mr denis ACT 70-74 Yes
morgan Mr bruce ACT Yes
moylan Ms jenny ACT Yes
mulhearn Ms edwina ACT Yes
parker Ms sue ACT 60-64 Yes
pugh Mrs e ACT Yes
rae ms lorraine ACT Yes
row Mr jeff ACT Yes
shannon Mr martin ACT Yes
smith Mr ron ACT 70-74 Yes
sweeney Mr paul ACT Yes
van kleef Mrs desiree ACT Yes
watt Mrs karreen ACT 65-69 Yes
young Mr mark ACT Yes
allison Mr mark NSW 60-64 Yes
bailey Mrs tanya NSW Yes
barnes Mr don NSW Yes
barnes Mr michael NSW Yes
bartlett Mr peter NSW 55-59 No
bastow Mr peter NSW 45-49 Yes
bates-brownsword Mr reuben NSW 75-79 Yes
best Mr dick NSW Yes
blacker Mrs keri NSW Yes
blacker Mr robert NSW 55-59 Yes
bonello Mr john NSW Yes
bonello Mrs kylie NSW Yes
bryant Mrs debbie NSW Yes
bryant Mr ken NSW Yes
bullman Mr tony NSW Yes
burgin Mr david NSW 65-69 No
cartledge faye NSW Yes
cato Mr mark NSW 45-49 No
chamberlain Mr greg NSW Yes
chapman Mr john NSW Yes
cousins jackie NSW Yes
cowan Mr gary NSW 60-64 No
curtis Mr dennis NSW Yes
curtis janelle NSW Yes
cuskelly Mrs jo NSW 55-59 Yes
cuskelly Mr paul NSW 55-59 Yes
davis grant NSW Yes
dobie Mrs karen NSW 50-54 No
edwards mr baden NSW 55-59 Yes
elliott Ms dianne NSW 60-64 Yes
estevao Mr eddie NSW 60-64 Yes
farrant mr grant NSW 40-44 No
foster mr scott NSW Yes
fox mrs wendy NSW Yes
fristad Mrs kirsti NSW 50-54 No
fuller Mr dave NSW 55-59 Yes
gadd Mr shayne NSW 50-54 Yes
gardner Ms jacqui NSW Yes
garner Mrs aileen NSW 65-69 No
gillmer warren NSW 65-69 No
graham ms lee NSW Yes
grant Mrs jan NSW 70-74 Yes
grant phil NSW 65-69 Yes
harding Ms davina NSW Yes
hepburn Mrs charmaine NSW Yes
heyhorn ms leanne NSW 40-44 No
hunter Mr geoff NSW 55-59 Yes
irwin Mr garry NSW 60-64 Yes
james Mr alastair NSW 70-74 No
kendall Mr wayne NSW Yes
kostamo Mr kari NSW 60-64 No
lamprey Ms shane NSW 55-59 Yes
lashbrook-gough Mrs laney NSW 65-69 Yes
lopez Mr luis NSW 60-64 Yes
mcdonald Mr mike NSW 75-79 No
mckenzie MR ted NSW 75-79 No
mcmahon Mrs sue NSW Yes
mcquillan Ms cheryl NSW Yes
menzies MS janice NSW Yes
moran Mrs pam NSW 75-79 No
murphy Mrs barb NSW 65-69 Yes
rigby Ms monica NSW Yes
risi Mr ernie NSW 55-59 No
rowley des NSW 75-79 Yes
sandercock Mr brian NSW 80-84 No
scott robert NSW 60-64 Yes
sharp Mr glenn NSW 60-64 No
small Mrs alison NSW Yes
smith Mrs aileen NSW 85-89 No
smith Ms paula NSW 65-69 Yes
thatcher Mr sheep NSW 60-64 No
toohey tim NSW 55-59 Yes
totaro Md katie NSW 65-69 Yes
walters Mr bruce NSW 65-69 Yes
walters Mrs dianne NSW 65-69 Yes
walton mr jim NSW Yes
atkinson Mrs dannielle NT Yes
balnaves Mr tony NT 65-69 Yes
beard Ms wendy NT 45-49 Yes
brackin mr john NT Yes
dobson Mrs kd NT 55-59 Yes
griffiths Ms michelle NT 50-54 Yes
mcnally Mr gerard NT 50-54 Yes
mikhael Mr george NT Yes
monaghan mr dave NT Yes
thompson mr greg NT 70-74 Yes
weir Mr richard NT 55-59 Yes
white Mr terry NT Yes
wiringi Mr chris NT Yes
yuen Mr vince NT 70-74 Yes
hamilton MRS liz Other 55-59 No
hopkins Mrs fran Other 55-59 No
van rynbach Mr richard Other 50-54 No
allan mr raymond QLD 75-79 Yes
allison Mr ian QLD 60-64 Yes
allison Mrs michelle QLD Yes
barnard Mrs eileen QLD 85-89 Yes
berry alan QLD Yes
bopf Mr john QLD Yes
bowes Mrs sally QLD 55-59 Yes
bradney Mrs kim QLD 55-59 Yes
briggs janelle QLD 55-59 Yes
buckley Mr kel QLD 50-54 No
burrow carole QLD 60-64 Yes
conroy Mrs lee QLD 50-54 Yes
cook Mr brian QLD 70-74 Yes
cook Mrs yvonne QLD 65-69 Yes
crear Mrs candy QLD Yes
davis mr gavin QLD Yes
dennis Mr jon QLD Yes
dorricott Ms shirley QLD 60-64 Yes
durrington Mr lindsay QLD Yes
fay Mrs janet QLD 60-64 Yes
fitch Mrs jenny QLD Yes
fitch Mr rod QLD Yes
forster marc QLD 50-54 No
fox Ms trish QLD 60-64 Yes
frohloff Mrs liz QLD 55-59 Yes
gallagher Mr sean QLD 50-54 Yes
george ms julie QLD Yes
goodman christine QLD Yes
gott Mr phil QLD 65-69 Yes
hall Mr john QLD 80-84 No
hammett Mrs kylee QLD 50-54 No
kennedy Mrs marilyn QLD 70-74 Yes
knauth Mrs pat QLD 65-69 Yes
knauth Mr peter QLD 70-74 Yes
knight Mrs ruth QLD 70-74 Yes
leighton Mr michael QLD 70-74 Yes
lopes Ms liz QLD 60-64 Yes
malan mr larry QLD Yes
mcclenaghan Mr tom QLD Yes
mcclenaghan Mrs zulmira QLD Yes
mobbs Mr jim QLD 60-64 No
mohr Mrs jane QLD 50-54 Yes
phillips Mrs kym QLD 35-39 No
rathnasamy Mr meglin QLD 35-39 No
robbins mr dale QLD Yes
saunders Mr frank QLD 65-69 Yes
slater MR ray QLD 75-79 Yes
smith Mr kelvin QLD 55-59 No
sosimenko Mr sozzie QLD 50-54 Yes
staples gaylene QLD 55-59 Yes
tait Mrs chyrel QLD 65-69 No
tait Mr maurice QLD 60-64 No
taylor Mr hugh QLD 65-69 No
vietz Mr bob QLD 75-79 No
walsh Mrs carole QLD 60-64 Yes
watford mel QLD 50-54 Yes
watkins Ms helen QLD Yes
weerheim Mr don QLD 70-74 Yes
whackett Mrs jan QLD 80-84 Yes
williams mrs sue QLD 55-59 No
zaeh mr alan QLD 45-49 No
zavattaro MS marisa QLD 60-64 Yes
bennet Mr alan SA Yes
blanch Ms andrea SA Yes
bray MRS vicki SA Yes
caruana Mr leno SA Yes
chick mr denis SA Yes
cillessen Mrs. neet SA Yes
donohoe Mr jd SA 65-69 No
filippou Mr frank SA Yes
gein Mr paul SA Yes
glastonbury mr kym SA Yes
haltis Mr bill SA Yes
hauxwell Mr steve SA Yes
hawkes Ms lyn SA Yes
holden john SA Yes
keoghan mr wayne SA 60-64 No
kingshott Mrs julie SA Yes
manion Ms audrey SA Yes
mudge Mr jason SA 45-49 No
paterson Mrs ali SA Yes
rosser Ms claudia SA Yes
stuart-hill MR bradley SA Yes
swanton Mr terry SA Yes
thornton Ms penny SA Yes
trigg Mrs sue SA Yes
voulgarakis Mr nick SA Yes
wilson Mr david SA Yes
wood Mrs annette SA Yes
wood Mr john SA Yes
appleby Mr darren TAS Yes
ashley ms wendy TAS 70-74 Yes
baker Mrs annie TAS Yes
bantick mike TAS 70-74 Yes
barnden Mr ross TAS Yes
bennett Mrs chris TAS 65-69 Yes
boxhall Mrs elaine TAS 55-59 Yes
bradfield Mr graeme TAS Yes
brown Mrs jenny TAS 65-69 Yes
brown Mr michael TAS 60-64 Yes
connolly Mr peter TAS 60-64 Yes
cowen Mr darren TAS Yes
cyrus Mr rum TAS 35-39 No
eyers Mr geoff TAS 45-49 No
fogarty Mrs sandra TAS Yes
fox Ms judy TAS 60-64 Yes
fox MS vicki TAS 55-59 Yes
hancock kym TAS 60-64 Yes
hickey Ms liz TAS Yes
hill Mrs sue TAS 50-54 No
hines Mrs ann TAS 60-64 Yes
holbrook Mr adam TAS 50-54 No
hopkins Mrs jan TAS 70-74 Yes
hudson Mr mark TAS 50-54 No
hulme Mr garry TAS 65-69 Yes
kerkvliet MR hans TAS 60-64 Yes
kinghorn Mrs di TAS Yes
kinghorn marc TAS Yes
koerbin Mr andrew TAS 50-54 Yes
kovacs Mr george TAS 60-64 Yes
lawrie Mr tony TAS Yes
laws Mr hamish laws TAS 45-49 Yes
lucas MR geoff TAS 65-69 Yes
mcdonald Mr dave TAS Yes
melsom Mr tim TAS Yes
minty ms debbie TAS 55-59 Yes
mitchell ms gaye TAS 65-69 Yes
o'brien Mr andrew TAS 60-64 Yes
o'brien Mrs jane TAS 60-64 Yes
ottway Mr simon TAS Yes
pattison linda TAS Yes
pentecost Mr david TAS 55-59 No
pook Mr mike TAS Yes
roberts Ms rachel TAS Yes
shutt Mr lance TAS 55-59 No
shutt Mrs mel TAS 45-49 No
simmons Mr bob TAS 70-74 No
slade Mr rob TAS Yes
smith Mr cameron TAS Yes
smith mr tony TAS Yes
stephens Mrs glenis TAS Yes
teague Mr barry TAS 70-74 Yes
tremayne Mr glenn TAS 55-59 Yes
unsworth Mrs cheryl TAS Yes
barlow Mr terry VIC Yes
davey Mr brian VIC Yes
dennehy Mr kevin VIC Yes
doherty bill VIC 35-39 No
durham Mr barry VIC 75-79 Yes
eedy Ms janine VIC 45-49 Yes
fatouros Mr michael VIC Yes
fernandez Mr lori VIC Yes
fiedler Mr tony VIC 55-59 No
fisher MS donna VIC Yes
fordham Ms anne VIC 45-49 Yes
frost Mr frosty VIC Yes
gallo Mrs kaz VIC Yes
green Mr reg VIC Yes
hurley Mr dinny VIC 80-84 No
khan Dr shahroze VIC 35-39 No
lucas Mr mick VIC Yes
lyons Mr brian VIC 75-79 Yes
mansour Mr george VIC 55-59 No
marr Mr jeff VIC Yes
matchett Mr david VIC 50-54 No
mcrorie Mr alan VIC Yes
miller mr warren miller VIC 55-59 No
morsch MRS jill VIC Yes
morsch Mr lou VIC Yes
o'neill Mr darren o'neill VIC Yes
oshlack Mr. alan VIC 50-54 No
photis Mr chris VIC 40-44 No
princiotta Mr joe VIC Yes
pulham Ms debbie VIC Yes
reid Mr barry VIC Yes
robertson Ms carol VIC Yes
rowland Mr chris VIC 50-54 No
rowles Ms michelle VIC Yes
rubinich Me mal VIC Yes
scully Mr john VIC Yes
shay Mr david VIC Yes
slattery MR tom VIC 75-79 No
smyth Mr max VIC 90+ No
thomas Ms jillian VIC Yes
thorpe Mr shane VIC Yes
thurkle Mr mark thurkle VIC Yes
tytler Mr neil VIC Yes
walker Mr trevor VIC Yes
wing Ms linda VIC Yes
woodyard Mrs lynette VIC Yes
audas Ms julie WA Yes
baker Mr chris WA 45-49 No
barker Mrs pat WA Yes
barnett joyce WA 75-79 Yes
blignaut Mr andre WA 45-49 No
bull Mrs anita WA Yes
carmichael Mr kelvin WA 65-69 Yes
cass Mrs quita WA Yes
cook Mrs di WA Yes
credaro Mrs moya WA Yes
davis Ms jenine WA Yes
edkins mr ray WA Yes
fanetti mrs kathy WA Yes
franklin MRS sharon WA Yes
guy Mrs susan WA Yes
haswell Dr janis WA Yes
holder Ms anne WA Yes
hood Mrs anne-marie WA Yes
jellis ms eileen WA Yes
jennings Mr ed WA 70-74 Yes
martin Mr owen WA Yes
mcbrierty Ms linda WA 65-69 Yes
mccullough Mrs nikki WA Yes
mihaly Mr joe WA 65-69 Yes
o’neill Ms prue WA Yes
price Mr bob WA 65-69 Yes
reid Mr george WA Yes
renner chas WA 85-89 No
reston Mr bernie WA Yes
reston Mrs chris WA Yes
richards Ms anne WA 60-64 No
risden mr ken WA Yes
wiaceck Ms khris WA 65-69 No
wilkes Ms theresa WA Yes
williams mrs alison WA Yes
zande Mr danny WA 55-59 No

Individual Championships (3 – 7 September 2018)

Last Updated: Saturday 08/09/2018, 04:00pm

Individual Championship Final Results

First Match Times
Individual Championships First  Times

Interstate Teams Series (10 – 14 September 2018)

Last Updated: Friday 14/09/2018, 5.20pm

Please Note: These draws may change slightly with withdrawals and  ranking corrections. Playing order may be adjusted on the first day of competition. Please make sure to check back regularly to ensure you have the latest draw for your division.


Teams Championships Final Results

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