Tournament Information

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Tournament Director:Helen Watkins.
Tournament Referee: Individual Championships – tba. Interstate Teams Series – tba.

Player Registrations

Registrations close:
Individual Championships – 04/08/2019, Interstate Teams Series – 04/08/2019
Total registrations:
Individual Championships:
72 (
ACT: 4 NSW: 15 NT: 4 QLD: 28 SA: 1 TAS: 6 VIC: 7 WA: 3 Other: 4
Interstate Teams Series:
111 (
ACT: 14 NSW: 24 NT: 5 QLD: 29 SA: 8 TAS: 10 VIC: 10 WA: 11

Registrations by State. (Please note: This table does not include entrants that selected to not have their names published.)

Last Name First Name State Individual Division Teams
addison chad ACT Yes
bates Mr ron ACT Yes
caban Mr scott ACT Yes
campbell Dr heather ACT 65-69 Yes
chad Mr adam ACT Yes
foley Mr jim ACT Yes
hampson Mr gary ACT 60-64 Yes
hewitt Mrs donna ACT Yes
medway Mrs julie ACT Yes
mulhearn Ms edwina ACT Yes
parker Ms sue ACT 60-64 Yes
pugh Mrs elaine ACT Yes
shannon Mr martin ACT Yes
sommers Ms karina ACT 45-49 Yes
bailey Mrs tanya NSW Yes
barnes Mr don barnes NSW Yes
barnes Mr michael NSW Yes
bartlett Mr chris NSW 40-44 No
bartlett Mrs rachel NSW 40-44 No
best Mr dick NSW Yes
bowler Mr alan NSW Yes
bowler Mrs jill NSW Yes
bryant Mrs debbie NSW Yes
bryant ken NSW Yes
bullman Mr tony NSW Yes
cato mark NSW 45-49 No
freeman Mr ted NSW 65-69 Yes
fry Mr stephen NSW Yes
gadd Mr shayne NSW Yes
garner Mrs aileen NSW 65-69 No
hunter Mr geoff NSW 60-64 Yes
lamprey Ms shane NSW 60-64 Yes
mcdonald mike NSW 75-79 No
moran Mrs pam NSW 75-79 No
murada Mr daryl NSW 60-64 Yes
rowley Mr des NSW 75-79 Yes
salter Ms adela NSW Yes
shirlaw Ms carole NSW Yes
smith Mrs aileen NSW 85-89 No
stehr Mr trev NSW Yes
stehr Mr trev NSW 75-79 Yes
strachan Mr boe NSW 35-39 Yes
strachan Mrs sam NSW 35-39 Yes
walton Mr jim NSW Yes
yarrington Ms annette NSW Yes
atkinson Mrs dannielle NT 50-54 Yes
beard Ms wendy NT Yes
mcnally Mr gerard NT 50-54 Yes
monaghan Mr dave NT 50-54 Yes
thompson Mr greg NT 70-74 Yes
hopkins Mrs fran NZ 55-59 No
seymour Ms tweedy NZ Masters 65-69 No
allan Mr raymond QLD 75-79 Yes
ashworth Mrs carolyn QLD 50-54 No
barnard Ms eileen QLD 85-89 Yes
briggs Ms janelle QLD 55-59 Yes
burrow carole QLD 60-64 Yes
collins Mr bernie QLD 75-79 Yes
conroy Mrs lee QLD 50-54 Yes
cook Mr brian QLD 70-74 Yes
cook Mrs yvonne QLD 70-74 Yes
dennis Mr jon QLD Yes
dorricott Ms shirley QLD 65-69 Yes
eliott Mrs melissa QLD 60-64 Yes
evans Mr wayne QLD 50-54 No
fitch Mrs jenny QLD 50-54 Yes
fitch Mr rod QLD 50-54 Yes
frohloff Mrs liz QLD 60-64 Yes
giacomantonio Mrs kay QLD 50-54 Yes
gibbs Mr gary QLD 65-69 Yes
goodman Ms christine QLD 55-59 Yes
haskins Mr gary QLD Yes
knauth Mrs pat QLD 65-69 Yes
knauth Mr peter QLD 70-74 Yes
knight Mrs ruth QLD 70-74 Yes
leighton Mr michael QLD 70-74 Yes
paterson Ms kathy QLD 65-69 Yes
ripper Mr steven QLD Yes
venkat Mr gopal QLD 40-44 Yes
walsh Mrs carole QLD 60-64 Yes
watkins Ms helen QLD 60-64 Yes
williams Mrs joy QLD 70-74 Yes
zavattaro marisa QLD 60-64 Yes
caruana Mr leno SA Yes
gilkes pete SA 55-59 Yes
haltis Mr bill SA Yes
haskins Mr gary SA Yes
manion Ms audrey SA Yes
mcneil Mrs danuta SA Yes
reed Mr andrew SA Yes
rosser claudia SA Yes
ashley Ms wendy TAS 70-74 Yes
barnden Mr ross TAS Yes
bennett Mrs chris TAS 65-69 Yes
brown Ms jenny TAS 65-69 Yes
hickey Ms liz TAS Yes
hines Mrs ann hines TAS Yes
hulme garry TAS 65-69 Yes
kerkvliet Mr hans TAS 60-64 Yes
lawrie Mr tony TAS Yes
mclachlan Mrs margaret TAS Yes
mitchell Ms gaye TAS 65-69 No
binns Mr todd US Squash Association 60-64 No
alamanos Mr john VIC 45-49 No
anderson Mrs jenny VIC 60-64 Yes
bannon Ms jackie VIC Yes
child Mr roger VIC Yes
douglas MS ally VIC 45-49 Yes
duncan Mr greg VIC 50-54 Yes
freije Mr jorge VIC 55-59 No
hurley Mr dinny VIC 80-84 No
johnson Mr richard <ra ra> VIC Yes
lococo Ms helen VIC 70-74 Yes
murphy belinda VIC Yes
thorpe Mr shane VIC Yes
wing Ms linda VIC Yes
baker Mr chris WA 45-49 No
barker Mrs pat WA Yes
brookes Mrs terry WA Yes
butler Mrs pam WA Yes
campbell Mr paul WA 45-49 No
cook Mrs di WA 65-69 Yes
edkins Mr ray WA Yes
fanetti kathy WA Yes
mccullough Mrs nikki WA Yes
perkins Mrs jan WA Yes
reston Mr bernie WA Yes
reston Mrs chris WA Yes
wilkes Ms theresa WA Yes
hamilton Mrs liz Waikato 55-59 No

Individual Championships (2 – 6 September 2019)

Interstate Team Series (9 – 13 September 2019)

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